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Pebble Technology, Inc.® brand pool finishes

The finish that changed interior pool coating standards in the U.S. forever is still the standard by which all others are measured. Each and every Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is comprised of the finest materials gathered from the most exotic natural settings around the globe. These carefully selected materials, combined with an exclusive time-tested cement formula, can only be applied by fully trained and licensed installers such as Siesta Pebble, Inc. It’s this unmatched combination that results in the most durable, superior quality pool finishes in the world — backed by a name you know and trust.

Pebble Tec Pool Finish   Pebble Tec - Bead Crete

Pebble Fina Elegant Finishes Pebble Tec Finishing Touches

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Pebble Tec® brand pool finishes

This is the original pebble finish and it still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combine beauty with exceptional value.


Carribean Blue Blue Lagoon Midnight Blue Tahoe Blue Tropical Breeze Sky Blue


Jade Emerald Bay Crème de Menthe Moonlight Grey Soft White Majestic Plum


Jet Black Black Marble Black Pearl White Pearl Sandy Beach Sedona Red

Pebble Sheen® brand pool finishes

This pool finish provides the natural beauty and durability of original Pebble Tec, along with a smoother, more sophisticated elegance.


Prism Blue Ocean Blue Blue Granite Aqua Blue Turtle Bay Slate Blue


Irish Mist Seafoam Green French Grey White Diamonds Arctic White Cool Blue


Black Satin Black Onyx Desert Gold Bordeaux

Pebble Fina® brand pool finishes

This finish combines the classic look of venetian plaster and the durablity of Pebble Tec for an enduring, timeless elegance — the perfect blend of old world beauty and new world technology.

Acquos Bella Blue Grigio Cielo Blue Classico
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